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European Union social strategies — challenges and perspectives

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social exclusion   quality of life   sense of life   social life   work   labor   market institutions


European activities in social policy cover four main areas: (1) employment and working conditions, (2) combating poverty and social exclusion, (3) broadly understood education, which is also an expression of social investment, and (4) levelling the opportunities of disadvantaged groups and preventing their discrimination. On the one hand, these activities are a response to contemporary social challenges in European countries; on the other hand, they serve the realization of European values in the field of equal treatment and prevention of discrimination based on sex, origin, religion, age, health status, etc. In the enlarging European Union, strategies have been implemented that focus primarily on the labor market, but also social security or the fight against poverty and social exclusion. However, social policy remains the domain of the Member States and the Union influences its directions with ‘soft’ methods, formulating recommendations promoting common values and supporting their implementation with European funds.This article aims to indicate the most important social strategies implemented in the European Union in the light of the challenges it faces.

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