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Peter Sloterdijk’s vertical existence as dionisian utopia

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Peter Sloterdijk   individual utopia   anthropotechnics   practical philosophy   self-improvement   practicing


The paper attempts to present the main ideas of Peter Sloterdijk’s metanoetic project as an individual utopia. The text is structured into four parts. It begins by laying out the main anthropological premises of the philosopher’s thought. In the second part, we consider the roots, consequences and pitfalls of the semi-therapeutical position held by the author of You must change your life. Only then, in the third part, do we move on to consider the utopian tropes of his work. It is argued that two modulations of individual utopia can be traced in Sloterdijk’s writing: a general “vertical” one, and a particular variant of it, combining the philosophical and the artistic. The paper is concluded by an attempt, albeit a brief one, to examine the possibilities and consequences of Sloterdijk’s individual utopia on a wider social and pedagogical scale.

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Instytut Pedagogiki Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

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doi:10.34616/146558   ISBN 978-83-62618-75-0

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