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Family with deaf siblings in the light of Sibling of Deaf Adult (SODA)


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hearing siblings   deaf siblings   SODA   communication   family


The issue of able-bodied siblings having a sister or brother with disabilities is still the subject of research interest of many domestic and foreign scientists. Analysis of the literature on the subject, however, indicates a deficit of significant scientific studies on the SODA siblings and their deaf brother or sister. Aim: The purpose of the research presented in this text was to obtain information in areas such as: communication, mutual sibling relations as well as the SODA’s attitude towards their deaf siblings. The study involves a family, i.e. three adult hearing siblings with a deaf brother. Methods: The conducted research was based on a qualitative strategy of empirical verification, i.e. the Method of Individual In-depth Interviews (IDI). The results of the conducted research mainly revealed the presence of a communication barrier between the SODAs and deaf siblings. The inability to communicate freely negatively affected their relationship. Results: The analysis of empirical data also showed changes which were taking place in the temporal perspective (and what was the reason for these changes) in consciousness, perception and SODA’s attitude towards his brother and his deafness. Conclusions: Looking at the obtained research results, it can be concluded that the reason for the majority of difficult situations that the respondents cited was the communication barrier. After all, the basis for building interpersonal relationships, and especially those between siblings, is mutual communication. Parents should ensure full communication between siblings, and this family was lacking. The description of the situation and the results of the research do not raise any doubts that the reality of the SODAs and their deaf siblings requires further exploration, and – perhaps – social support.

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Wychowanie w Rodzinie, T. 20 (1/2019)

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