For authors and depositors


We encourage employees of the University of Wroclaw to archive their scientific works in the Repository of UW.

The purpose of Repository of UW is to register, archive and share scientific achievements of all staff of the University of Wroclaw, thereby increasing the potential of the University.

Hoping for cooperation with scientific workers of Alma Mater, as well as with postgraduates and students, we encourage them to deposit materials in University’s repository.

All materials will be published in accordance with the Law on copyright and related rights. In individual cases, on request, we can restrict (with password or IP number) access to texts with accordance to the license agreements.


  1. In the Repository the previously published works can be archived

    If material sent to the repository was previously published by a commercial publisher, author should check what kind of agreement has been signed with him/her. In that case service SHERPA (Romeo) should be of help to author because it contains information about publishers' policies related to the archiving publications in repositories.

    Individual publishers are marked there with specific color:

    • full permission for archiving preprints, postprints or final PDFs from the publisher (green)
    • permission for archiving postprints or final PDFs from the publisher (blue),
    • permission for archiving preprints (yellow),
    • no permission for archiving (white).

    You should also remember that when signing an agreement with a publisher, you can negotiate the terms and assert permission for archiving works in the repository.

  2. If you wish to deposit in the Repository of UW the publication, which copyrights were transferred to the publisher, who does not conduct a policy regarding publishing works in repositories, you should ask him for permission to place the document (version after review or final adjustments done by publisher) in the Repository of UW.
  3. Employee, postgraduate or student of University of Wroclaw, by approving the license at the time of depositing his/her publication in the Repository of UW., certifies that copyrights to the archived work belong to him/her. At the same time he/she declares that the document is his/her intellectual property. University of Wroclaw shall not be liable for any copyright exceeded in relation to the archived work. Author transmits to the University of Wroclaw (University Library) rights to store publication and related to it metadata, as well as to make them public and freely available.
  4. Copyrights to work deposited in the Repository of UW are vested in the author, who while depositing his/her work in the repository agrees to non-exclusive license.
  5. During the process of archiving work - depositor declares that:

    • University of Wroclaw is granted a non-exclusive royalty-free license to use his/her work without time and territorial constraints in scope of reproduction and dissemination in electronic form in the Repository of UW;
    • University of Wroclaw (University Library) is authorized for storage and archiving his/her work on digital media;
    • deposited work does not infringe the rights of third parties and that the work was created with respect to the copyright of other authors;
    • he or she is vested with the copyrights to the work or the publisher has agreed to place the work in the Repository of UW.




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