Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What do the following terms mean?

Depositary – person entitled for archiving publications in the Repository of UW.

Depositing – process of placing (archiving) work in the Repository of UW.

Repository of UW – digital platform, place for storing and sharing publications of employees, postgraduates (or students) of the University of Wrocław.

Question: Can a person, who is not the author of the document archive the publication in the repository?

Basically, if the work is not placed in the public domain and is deposited by someone other than the author, the person depositing that publication takes responsibility for copyright infringement to the deposited document.

Question: Does everyone have access to the full text of postgraduate’s thesis?

Access to the full-text of some of postgraduate’s theses may be limited, with accordance to the license signed by the author. This means, that the full-text of the publication will be available only to authorized users from workstations in the library. Postgraduate’s theses deposited in the repository’s archive will be visible in the European dissertations portal i.e. The DART Europe E-theses Portal.

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