Rules of usage of Repository of the University of Wroclaw

  1. Author, by depositing the documents, approves a non-exclusive license, valid in the Repository of UW.
  2. On the depositary lies full responsibility to maintain the credibility and authenticity of the documents deposited.
  3. Full responsibility for copyright infringement lies on the depositary.
  4. In exceptional cases, related to the violation of copyright law, documents can be withdrawn from the repository. In that case, the object identifier (URI) will be stored indefinitely and will lead to the bibliographic description of the deleted document.
  5. Materials available in the Repository of the University of Wroclaw cannot be used in a manner other than in accordance with the license terms on which publication has been made available. License type is specified with each publication and reader is obliged to familiarize himself/herself with its contents before using the materials. The usage of the work other than that specified in the license, requires every time the written permission of the copyright owner.
  6. Rights and obligations of the University of Wroclaw:
    • has permission to distribute copies of the work in electronic form in the Repository of UW;
    • has permission to store in electronic form, process or copy deposited work in order to ensure its safety;
    • has permission to include metadata of the work into publicly available catalogs, databases;
    • reserves the right to remove work when it violates the intellectual property rights;
    • is not liable for infringement by the depository of intellectual property rights or other rights related to the depositing work in the Repository of UW.
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