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Deterritorialization of public administration in the European legal space

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public administration   EU integrated administration   european legal space   territoriality   deterritorialization   administrative law   jurisdiction


The dissertation aims to examine the problem of the territoriality of public administration in the European Union. So far, the principle of territoriality of public administration has not been addressed in legal writings, although the territory as a factor determining public administration belongs to the fundamental ones. The task of the book is to analyze the essence, scope, and effects of changes in the territoriality of public administration. The legal and territorial framework for the shift in this area is the European legal space. Entrusting public authority to the EU and creating relations between public administration and the organization, and through it with the other Member States, is a factor contributing to changes in the state administration regarding the territorial scope of its operation. The primary research thesis of the work is the claim that the paradigm of territoriality of public administration in the European legal space has changed due to the development of an integrated EU administration. Changes taking place in the relation: public administration, administrative law, and territory are related to cross-border administrative cooperation, which allows implementing the freedoms of European spaces "without internal borders" guaranteed to EU citizens while contributing to the opening of the state's territory to the activities of supra-state European administration and public administration authorities of other Member States. The concept of deterritorialization of public administration expresses a shift in the paradigm of territoriality of public administration in the European legal space. It plays a descriptive role and intends to provide orientation in the development of public administration in the EU.

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