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Neuroscience and health management

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neuroscience   health management   management of medical facilities


Effective management of health care facilities requires the development of original methods, adapted to this sector. It is related to the appropriate qualifications of the leaders and the team of managers. In the process of preparing for the performance of their functions by the management staff, not only knowledge is important, but above all own experience. The knowledge of human nature, resulting from research in the field of neuroscience, is of particular importance in this case. Knowing the decision pitfalls, conditions for effective communication, team building rules and employee motivation is helpful. The condition for the development of an organization is also the ability to combine strategic development with solving operational problems. It is important to use new technologies, including artificial intelligence. The effectiveness of management also requires planning the personal development of the managerial staff, building the organizational culture of the unit and acting in accordance with the principles of ethics.

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