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Styl życia wellness a zachowania osób starszych na rynku usług prozdrowotnych

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Wellness lifestyle and behaviour of the elderly in health services marker


Dąbrowska, Anna   Janoś-Kresło, Mirosława   Lubowiecki-Vikuk, Adrian


0000-0003-1406-5510   0000-0002-3739-9620   0000-0001-9672-9514

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the elderly   health services   medical services   fitness   health tourism   recreation


The aim of the study is to identify the behaviour of elderly people in the health services market, including health tourism, recreation, aesthetic medicine and their preferred weight loss methods. The study of the behaviour of the elderly in the health services market was carried out using a survey questionnaire on a nationwide sample (N=508) with the application of a CAWI technique. The problem of excessive body weight, in particular the issue of obesity of older people (N=284) living in Świętochłowice (Silesia) and their interest in methods employed to reduce it, was analysed with the use of a survey questionnaire. Only a small percentage share of the respondents uses health-oriented tourism services. The reasons for not using the services related to health tourism included: no need, unsatisfactory financial situation, unfavourable family situation, poor health condition and others: e.g. taking care of grandchildren, long waiting time to obtain NFZ financing, lack of knowledge concerning such offers or preference for a home-lover lifestyle. To a large degree, the respondents from Świętochłowice were characterised by abnormal body weight, including vast majority of the sample (69%) who were overweight or obese. In order to reduce their body weight, over 41% of the survey participants consider undertaking physical activity and using fitness services, subsequently using the services of a dietician (40,5%), followed by dietary supplements for weight loss (39,1%). Research results indicate that it is difficult to talk about leading a wellness lifestyle among older people. The emerging trend probably has a chance for development, gaining more and more supporters; however, this will be determined by the competences of the elderly and their desire to do something for themselves

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E-Wydawnictwo. Prawnicza i Ekonomiczna Biblioteka Cyfrowa. Wydział Prawa, Administracji i Ekonomii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego


Nowak, Wioletta. Red.   Szalonka, Katarzyna. Red.   Waniowski, Paweł. Rec.   Niemczyk, Agata. Rec.

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ISBN 978-83-66066-83-0 (druk)  
ISBN 978-83-66066-84-7 (online)






(Prace Naukowe Wydziału Prawa, Administracji i Ekonomii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego)   (E-Monografie ; nr 153)

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