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Iniuria post mortem testatoris in Roman law of the classical period in the light of the concept of iniuria indirecta

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injury to personality   iniuria indirecta   iniuria post mortem testatoris   protection of the deceased’s reputation


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The aim of the article is to analyse regulations concerning injury to personality associated with deeds committed directly against a corpse, funeral rites or a testator’s reputation. The author’s reflections focus on the classification of these infringements as indirect injury to the testator’s reputation as proposed in the doctrine. Apart from undeniable shared features of iniuria post mortem testatoris and (other) cases of iniuria indirecta, we can point to significant differences stemming primarily from a lack of possibility — even if only potential — of direct iniuria if a deed is committed against a corpse or the testator’s reputation. This feature, in turn, seems to be present in all (other) cases classified as indirect iniuria. It should also be stressed that in the case of iniuria post mortem testatoris it is impossible to apply any of the criteria indicated as the basis for regarding specific behaviour as a slight to the reputation not only directly of the injured party but also other individuals whose reputation is injured only indirectly as a result of the perpetrator’s actions

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Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis. Prawo, ISSN 0524-4544. Nr 321 (2016), s. 11-28

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