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Early Mediaeval Glassjewellery from main Silesian stronghold complexes (Wrocław, Opole, Niemcza)


Pankiewicz, Aleksandra   Siemianowska, Sylwia   Sadowski, Krzysztof

Subject and Keywords:

glass jewelery   early Middle Ages   analysis of chemical composition of glass   main Silesian strongholds   trade routes


Although Silesian glassmaking has been the subject of interest of different researchers for over half a century, the state of early medieval glass jewelery from the most important centers of the region has left much to be desired. The reason for this was paying more attention to the question of existence within the main Silesian stronghold complexes glass workshops than strictly jewelery. In archaeological research reports glass finds were often ignored or not illustrated, at best, one-color prints were published, which is related to the standard of publication from the past century. The book Early Mediaeval Glassjewellery from main Silesian stronghold complexes (Wrocław, Opole, Niemcza) is an attempt to create monographs of glass jewelery from the above mentioned strongholds. All the better-preserved fragments of jewelry available to the authors are published in it. The study includes issues related to the technology of glass artifacts, their function and the problem of provenience, while trying to define both local products and determine precisely the origin of the jewelery which was considered to be imported. A “new” kind of analysis is the socio-economic studies of early medieval jewelry, which other researchers usually pay less attention to. The publication has a large catalog containing colorful photographs and descriptions along with information on the place of discovery of all finds listed therein. The catalog also includes analyzes the chemical composition of more than 150 artifacts, which is the most numerous series of glass jewelry analyzes carried out so far in the Polish lands. We hope that thanks to this publication Silesia will cease to be the proverbial terra incognita, in the development of early medieval glass jewelery, and the comprehensive presentation of the finds from Wroclaw, Opole and Niemcza will be also useful the researchers of other regions.


Uniwersytet Wrocławski Instytut Archeologii


Moździoch, Sławomir. Rec.




ISBN 978- 83-61416-77-7





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