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Suggestions of readings which bring up specific existential issues (selected annotated bibliography list)

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Przegląd Biblioterapeutyczny

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Bibliotherapy for adults   annotated bibliography bibliotherapy   bibliotherapy fiction


The inspiration for development of the statement of bookkeeping that might be useful in working with adults, who have certain existential problems, was the need to enrich their own workshop of employment as a teacher librarian. Recommending relevant literature requires orientation in literary output, as well as familiarity of its content. Current news tracking is only possible to a limited extent. List of references in the work of librarian with adult readers can facilitate daily operations. At work I carry on a book directory of my innovation for a period of few years that is made for readers in need of therapy. The book directory contains publications read by me, including those read by my family and friends. The source of descriptions and reviews of the book were also among others, reviews posted by readers on the internet websites. This work is subjective and very limited in choice of fiction and nonfiction, related to existential problems, including annotated bibliography, which can find books touching on certain life problems. The existence of this statement does not relieve the librarian from the responsibility of familiarizing themselves with these publications, reading and assessing its sustainability for a particular reader. First of all, I took into account the texts that highlight the importance of: the ethical conflicts, the struggle between good and evil, overcoming difficulties, and the matter in consideration of values. A huge importance in the process of therapy is demonstrating examples of positive characters in the books, to which the reader can connect to and identify themselves within. In addition, touching on the problems similar to the difficulty of the reader, a book allows them to think, and at the same time allows you to look from a distance, making it easier for noticing the positive factors. I hope that this work will complement workshop for librarians who work with adult readers. Since the below statement is only a selection of literature, any potential users will be able to develop their own statement by choosing a selection of literature on the same basis.

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Wydawnictwo "Smak Słowa"

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