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war grave   war cementery   memorial   monumental resolution


Presented in the article, the issue relates to memorial locations, which to this day in the Polish legal system does not have a comprehensive legal regulation. In common parlance the term of memorial functions for many years, but terms of the classification and the construction, maintenance and decommissioning haven’t been definied. Only in case of war graves and cemeteries are: the Act of 28 March 1933 and Regulation of 23 October 1936 , which in the current circumstances do not regulate all aspects of martyrdom. In some cases, are also acts of international law, but their range is severely limited because only refer to memorial locations associated with the signatories to the contract. Recently taken legislative work on the regulation of memorial problems have now been abandoned. Also, the achievements of judicial decisions does not bring a clear answer to the question: what is the place of memory. One solution that makes it easy to determine monuments and the rules of their maintenance, are acts of local law – an example of which can be called “monument resolution” adopted by the City Council of Wroclaw

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