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Work culture and the quality of life

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work culture   organizational culture   quality of life   professional work


Od 2013: Ekonomia – Wroclaw Economic Review


Excessive exploitation of land resources, the pandemic, and the war between Russia and Ukraine are special conditions which cause changes in the functioning of enterprises, including the expectations of employees with regard to working conditions. This, in turn, leads to changes in the behavior of the organizations’ leaders. Employees expect leaders to create conditions for reasonable work — dialogue, transparency, a sense of security, a chance to balance their professional work with the quality of life, taking advantage of the opportunities to find fulfilment. The challenge for leaders is effective communication with employees, taking their needs into account, providing time for their self-development. Expectations in terms of substantive knowledge, empathy, and psychological competences are growing with regards to people performing leadership functions in business. Being guided by the expectations regarding the quality of life of employees is a prerequisite for achieving business goals and carrying out tasks in terms of productivity and effectiveness.

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