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Does energy law exist? Part 2: goals, legal means and beginnings of energy law development

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legal system   branches of law   energy law


In 2023, 30 years will have passed since the prominent discussion on the status of economic law (including, in particular, public economic law) as a new branch of law. This discussion found its place in the first issue of the Legal, Economic and Sociological Movement (Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny) journal from 1993. In the present article, the author tries to answer the question whether energy law exists as a separate field (regarding research and university teaching) and its own branch of law. It seems that the discussion from years ago on public economic law is fully applicable to the current issue of independence of energy law in this regard. The analysis of the subject of energy law regulations, specific subjects — addressees of this legal regulation — the method of regulation, and its specific goals (axiology of regulation) leads to the conclusion that the thesis is correct. The work also presents the genesis and development of energy law from the nineteenth century. The author also reviews the world’s textbooks in this area, the number of which is quite significant (mainly English-language items). All the above-mentioned analyses and arguments support the motion to recognize energy law not only as a new research and teaching field, but also as a new branch of law. Specific goals (including values) of the energy law, legal means (instruments) of the regulation and historical analysis of the beginning and development of energy law are presented as well. The final conclusions cover the entirety of considerations provided in Part 1 and Part 2 of this essay.

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