Title: Wizerunek Konga Belgijskiego w piśmiennictwie polskim i niderlandzkojęzycznym


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Wizerunek Konga Belgijskiego w piśmiennictwie polskim i niderlandzkojęzycznym


Czarnecka, Bożena



Subject and Keywords:

literatura flamandzka -- tematy, motywy   relacje z podróży polskie -- historia i krytyka   demokratyczna Republika Konga -- historia   demokratyczna Republika Konga -- w wyobrażeniach społecznych   demokratyczna Republika Konga -- w literaturze


Th e text corpus used for the presentation of the image of the Belgian Congo in the book Image of theBelgian Congo in Polish and Netherlandic Literature is heterogeneous. Separate works most oft en cannotbe clearly classifi ed. Th ey are most oft en classifi ed into popular-science, travel literature, fi ction,report, memories, correspondence, adventure novel, children’s literature or the comic book.Diversity of the analysed texts needed a remarkably wide and interdisciplinary approach. Th euniform methodological work model could not be applied in the analysis of the particular texts.Th erefore, the conducted research activities were based on the cultural and postcolonial studies.A pluralistic refl ection of this kind allowed the interpretation of possible cultural references in theanalysed literary texts and the interaction of diff erent cultural texts, representing the so called highculture as well as the low culture. Such an approach allowed the analysis of certain components ofthe image and the indication of a transformation direction. It is worth emphasizing that identifyingof the components of the image of Congo turned out to be of arbitrary nature to a great extent and asa methodological intention it was to clarify the presentation of research results, which would resultin fi nding a common denominator for the texts of diff erent origin, representing diff erent traditions.Each of the texts analysed in the book (belonging to the so called belles lettres or to non-fi ction)was treated as a phenomenon marked ideologically and evaluative and not as a neutral and objectiverefl ection of reality. Th e book is not aspiring to be a historical and sociological overview of the imageof Congo in the Flemish (Belgian) and Polish society — it focuses on the analysis of the written, seton paper, image of that country. Such an approach is connected with the defi nition of the imageapplied for the needs of this book.

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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

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Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis, 0239-6661 ; no 3537

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