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maternal gatekeeping   parental roles   encouraging or discouraging of father


Even recent past reveals that mothers are assigned the role of the first, primary caretaker. Nowadays,both parents are expected to participate equally in the matters related to their child. Do mothers giveup easily the field that so far has been their domain and perpetuated the ‘old’ social order? The clashbetween the old approach to parental roles and the new expectations addressed mainly to fathersdoes not always result in the transition to common and equal participation of the mother and fatherin the implementation of their parental roles. Behaviors referred to as maternal gatekeeping are ofa complex nature. Researchers are trying to understand what determines the willingness of mothersto encourage the fathers in or discourage from engaging in childcare and responsibility for mattersrelated to it. The conducted analysis of the phenomenon is based on theoretical considerations andempirical investigations of researchers who, apart from indicating the disadvantages of maternalgatekeeping, also point to specific family situations justifying this type of behavior.

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Uniwersytet Wrocławski. Wydział Nauk Społecznych. Instytut Socjologii

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doi:10.34616/142699   ISSN 2657-3679


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