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Obesity, overweight and psychological problems as consequences of the coronavirus pandemic

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coronavirus   COVID-19   quarantine   obesity   health   depression


The main purpose of this article is to describe selected health consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. The work was based on a review of the current Polish and foreign literature (articles from scientific journals, review papers and research papers, reports) presenting information about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its impact on various aspects of human health. In search of scientific articles, scientific databases were used, i.e. Google Scholar and PubMed. Before the pandemic occurred, obesity was referred to as the „epidemic of the 21st centuryˮ. The period of quarantine or isolation affects the feeling of severe stress, which may increase, among others, the risk of obesity. One the consequences of this condition may be a change in lifestyle and eating habits. Eating is a way to relieve bad emotions and improve your well-being, and in stressful situations, highly processed and high-energy products are most often chosen, with a long shelf life, high in sugar, saturated fat – but low in value and nutrient density. The social isolation forced a change of work and learning to, which also contributed to more eat snacks and reduce activity. Research shows that limiting interpersonal contacts affects the mental health of people who have never experienced similar disorders before. Most common problems are feeling of fear, anxiety, irritability, loneliness, depressed mood or frustration.

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