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Psychological consequences of pandemic COVID-19

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psychological consequences of COVID-19   post-covid problems   PTSD as a consequence of COVID-19   post-COVID-19 mental disorders   post-COVID-19 rehabilitation


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought both expected and unexpected consequences for the mental health of individuals, groups and entire communities.. The effects of this pandemic situation encompass an entire spectrum of psychological symptoms and problems. The purpose of the paper is to present and put in order those issues which fit the scope of the problems discussed based on current reports from scientific research. Types of mental problems will be presented (e.g. problems related to the social isolation, especially among children, young people and the elderly; mental disorders related to having suffered from COVID-19, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among patients and medical personnel; development of social pathologies, i.e. rise in the unemployment rate, addiction, domestic violence etc.), which are consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and possibilities of combating them. Moreover, groups of particularly exposed or affected people will be discussed (e.g. various age and professional groups). The issue of fear of getting vaccinated will be discussed separately. The summary wil lpresent practical implications of how to combat the indicated psychological consequences of pandemics and what valuable solutions are being implemented at the moment.

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