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Responsibility for sharing hyperlinks

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sharing hyperlinks   copyright   intellectual property   internet law   hyperlink   public sharing   intellectual property rights


In the present study the author analyzes the responsibility for placing the hyperlink on the webpage. The following issues have been addressed that affect the responsibility for making hyperlinks available: placing a link on the page for profit or non-profit purposes, and having the knowledge that the copyright holder did not allow the original works to be made available on this site. It is necessary to maintain a fair balance between the rights of creators, Internet users and the protection of freedom of expression and freedom of information. This is extremely difficult because too restrictive regulation may have a negative impact on technological progress and the development of the information society, which requires broad access to knowledge, including intellectual property. Regulating too much freedom will strike the rights of the creators. According to the author, currently, the biggest problem is the state of legal uncertainty associated with the difficulty to identify types of behavior violating the law and a feeble level of real effectiveness enforcing the rights of creators.

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Prawo Mediów Elektronicznych, ISSN 2082-100X. 2017, 2 s. 16-24

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