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Knowledge of the role of pro and prebiotics in health prevention and treatment of diseases in the light of research


Jama-Kmiecik, Agnieszka   Gil, Katarzyna   Frej-Mądrzak, Magdalena   Sarowska, Jolanta   Choroszy-Król, Irena


0000-0001-6514-8629   0000-0002-8138-2586   0000-0001-9710-2721   0000-0002-5006-4059

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microbiome   synbiotics   civilization diseases


The human body is colonized by various microorganisms, which are referred to as the human microbiome. Microbiota affects the development and all functions of systems in the human body, therefore maintaining it in an unchanged composition is necessary to maintain normal health. In the prevention and treatment of 21st century civilization diseases such as diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, etc., the use of synbiotics is an important element. The effectiveness depends on the strain and product in which they occur. The aim of the study was to learn about the role of probiotics and prebiotics in disease prevention and treatment among students of the Medical University of Wroclaw. The study was aimed at showing the relationship between the level of knowledge and the field of study. The research used a research technique, which is a survey. A survey questionnaire was used to conduct the study, containing 23 questions about probiotics and prebiotics, their role in disease prevention and treatment. Surveys were conducted from January to April 2019. The research group consisted of 164 students of the Medical University of Wroclaw in the fields of medicine (n = 51), obstetrics of the first year (n = 44) and dietetics of the second year (n = 32) and dietetics of the fifth year (n = 37).

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E-Wydawnictwo. Prawnicza i Ekonomiczna Biblioteka Cyfrowa. Wydział Prawa, Administracji i Ekonomii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego


Nowak, Wioletta. Red.   Szalonka, Katarzyna. Red.   Niemczyk, Agata. Rec.   Wicki, Ludwik. Rec.   Majewska-Jurczyk, Barbara. Rec.   Światowy, Grażyna. Rec.   Dejnaka, Agnieszka. Rec.   Niezgoda, Agnieszka. Rec.   Mruk, Henryk. Rec.

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ISBN: 978-83-66601-24-6 (druk)  
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(E-Monografie ; No. 170)

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