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From Prochowice to Las and back. Notes from research on the beginnings of the town on the Lower Kaczawa



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Silesian Piasts   nobility   city   Las   Głogów Duchy   Legnica Duchy   Prochowice   middle ages   archaeology   castle


Silesian Quarterly Historical Journal “Sobótka” [Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny „Sobótka”] has been published in Wrocław since 1946 – initially as a semiannual periodical and a yearbook with the title “Sobótka”, and since 1957 quarterly, with the current title. It is among the oldest regional scholarly journals in the field of history in Poland and a significant element of Polish humanities. “Sobótka” is considered one of the most important periodicals concerning Silesian studies, but the editorial team remains open also to material from other thematic fields. The journal serves for presentation of research on history of Central and Eastern Europe, with a special focus on Silesia and neighboring regions and countries, as well as on regional history. For several years, its publisher was the Wrocław Society of History Enthusiasts [Wrocławskie Towarzystwo Miłośników Historii], i.e. the Branch of the Polish Historical Society [Polskie Towarzystwo Historyczne]; currently, the journal is published under the auspices of the University of Wrocław.


The article covers the history of the beginnings of the town of Prochowice against the background of the development of settlement along the lower portion of the Kaczawa river during the 13th and first half of the 14th century. Based on the results of archaeological research and analysis of written records, it can be said that the impulse for the construction of the castle in Prochowice, and then in its vicinity the chartered city of Las, was the competition between the Piasts of the Głogów and Legnica lines. After the end of the conflict between the princes, that estate was taken over as a fief of the Legnica princes by the lords from Prochowice, who combined the two domains, transferring their patrimonial name of Parchwitz to the town of Las.

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